Buy a barrel of rye or bourbon whiskey and literally be a part of our 2 year aging process


The Dented Brick Barrel Program offers a unique and immersive investment experience for enthusiasts of aged American spirits. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect when you participate:

    • You’ll receive your own barrel to customize. Feel free to write or draw anything on it, making it a true personal keepsake.
    • Gain an insider’s perspective on the production process with an exclusive tour of the distillery. Learn about each step, from fermentation to distillation, and the equipment involved.
    • While your spirit ages, you’re encouraged to visit your barrel. Sing to it, pet it, kiss it – it’s all about creating a personal bond with your investment.
    • When the aging process is complete, you’ll receive your initial investment back with interest, providing both a financial return and a unique experience.
    • Along with your financial return, you get to keep your custom-decorated barrel as a memento.

Get Dented! 

Adopt a barrel and be part of the process! 


  •  Hands-On Experience: Engage directly with the distilling process and become part of the tradition of creating aged American spirits.
  • Personal Connection: Build a unique relationship with your barrel, making the experience memorable and personal.
  • Financial Gain: Not only do you invest in a product, but you also earn interest on your initial investment, ensuring a rewarding financial outcome.
  • Memorable Keepsake: The empty barrel serves as a lasting memory of your involvement in the aging process.



  • Sign Up: Enroll in the Dented Brick Barrel Program.
  • Customize: Get creative with your barrel’s design.
  • Tour and Learn: Take the facility tour and understand the intricacies of spirit production.
  • Engage: Regularly visit your barrel to maintain your unique connection.
  • Receive Returns: Collect your financial return and your custom barrel once the aging process is complete.


By investing in the Dented Brick Barrel Program, you’re not just investing in a spirit; you’re investing in an experience, a tradition, and a piece of American heritage. Join us and be a part of this extraordinary journey!


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