Get involved by becoming part of Dented Brick, investing in our future!

Not only can you buy a bottle and buy a barrel, you can also buy ownership in the distillery! To fund our rapid growth, we are looking for more people like us who have a passion for spirits, community influence, and history. Join us in launching our historic Utah whiskey brands! Buy a bottle, buy a barrel, buy in! For information go to  

Craft spirits have been growing year over year at an exponential rate. The large distilled spirits conglomerates have been offering high multiples on case sales to buy out competitive Craft spirits plants. This is the exact reason why we see investing with Dented Brick is a better opportunity for return on investment than other investment opportunities.


Why you may want to invest in us…

1   Case sales in 2018 were 8,052 and are on track to reach 16,000 in 2019.
2   $400K in 2018 revenue, over $1M in 2019.
3   Active distribution in 6 states with 4 new states coming online.
4   Dented Brick has been awarded multiple Double Gold Medals, Gold Medals,       and 90 plus ratings from prestigious publications and competitions.
5   Current facility built to scale to 78,000 cases.
6   CEO is a seasoned operator in a hot industry.
7   One of the only Craft distilleries utilizing an on-site Artesian Well for it’s spirits production.
Want to learn more? Send in an email or check out our pitch-deck here.

Hugh’s Dew from the Moon – Circa 1850


Advertisement for Hugh’s Whiskey 1848


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