Grain to Glass

These days the two most common words we hear (used as adjectives) in describing trendy, distilled spirits are the nouns, “Craft and Artisan.”

They mean essentially the same thing (skilled in making things by hand) and to a certain degree, human hands are used in making all distilled spirits if only to turn on lights.  What is most important in the process is “control.”  Control over the quality of raw materials such as the ideal grains and yeast.  Control over the water used, which is the foundation of all distilled spirits. And finally, hands on control over the entire process from “GRAIN TO GLASS”.

We take advantage of local farmers we know and trust to grow the finest ingredients and the purest, most pristine water from our very own on-site artesian well.

Every step is done in house – by hand and under the discerning eye of our master distiller.

Are the brands of Dented Brick “Craft” or “Artisan?” Of course they are.  Other distillers depend on buying grain-neutral spirits or aged whiskey on the open market, then modify it to produce their products. In contrast, we complete the entire process in-house, under one roof. Starting with fermenting and distilling our grain alcohol.

So next time you are searching for a distinctive, robust and flavorful drink, ask for the brands made from “Grain to Glass.”


Antelope Island Rum

  • Gold Medal WSWA 2018
  • Tasting Panel Magazine 92 points

Great Basin Bristlecone Gin

  • Silver Medal WSWA 2018
  • Tasting Panel Magazine 94 Points

Roofraiser Vodka

  • Silver Medal WSWA 2018
  • Tasting Panel Magazine 92 points

Dented Brick Well Gin

  • Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • 88 Rating and Best Buy

Dented Brick Well Vodka

  • Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • 85 Rating and Silver Medal

Hugh Moon 100% Rye White Whiskey

  • Double Gold Medal WSWA 2018
  • Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018

Jan Stephenson Pineapple Flavored Rum

  • Gold Medal Tastings 2018
  • Tastings 94 Points

Jan Stephenson Mango Flavored Rum

  • Silver Medal WSWA 2018
  • Tastings 91 Points

Jan Stephenson Passion Fruit Flavored Rum

  • Silver Medal Tastings 2018
  • The Tasting Panel Magazine 91 Points

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