Roofraiser Vodka

Our Inspiration

Made in Utah
no GMO
Artesian Well Water

Come for a tour and tasting and learn why we named this Vodka Roofraiser.

To all of us at Dented Brick and our 1,000 of happy vodka connoisseur’s, it simply means “The finest, most deliciously crisp-tasting Vodka on the planet.” All that makes Roofraiser what it is surrounds us. The run off from the Wasatch into our Artesian well. The sweetest wheat and rye our distiller, watching every step in the process from “Grain to Glass” and from glass.

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How to Taste

Make sure you have a clean palate (your mouth). Common palate cleansers are bread or unsalted crackers.

The first thing to look for when tasting a new spirit is what it looks like. Take note of its color, is it clear or cloudy, light, golden or dark – this can help prepare your brain for what is about to come next.

Commonly referred to as “nosing” this is where you sniff the spirit to soak in those delicious aromas. Short quick sniffs are best to capture different aromas. You have about 7 seconds before your nose gives up and stops noticing things so try and identify things quickly.

The first sip is always a bit of a shock to the tongue, so take a small sip to get the light burn out of the way so you can then focus on the flavors.

Take a second, slower sip and let the spirit float around your mouth and the vapors float into your nose to identify more aromas. Here you want to look for sweetness, bitterness and spiciness & acidity. Make a note of what you observe.

Next, take another sip and pay attention to the consistency or the rum, is it smooth, light, thick? Does the flavor intensify or stay the same? Compare this to what you noticed in The View above.

Swallow the spirit and pay attention to the after taste. How quickly does it fade away? Do more flavors present themselves, do other flavors disappear.

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