At Dented Brick® Distillery, we serve discerning spirits enthusiasts who demand nothing but the finest artisanal craft spirits. Our commitment to excellence in production has cemented our reputation as a trusted brand synonymous with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Driven by our mission to offer exceptional spirits at a good value, we meticulously optimize our production processes to enhance efficiency, increase capacity, and maintain consistent quality across our entire product portfolio. By investing in our team, equipment, and stringent quality control measures, we ensure that every bottle we produce meets our uncompromising standards.

We position our offer as a blend of tradition and innovation, rooted in our legacy of craftsmanship while embracing modern techniques to push the boundaries of flavor and quality. Our spirits are not just beverages; they’re a testament to the artistry and passion that go into every drop. We’re in business to provide consumers with an unforgettable drinking experience, one that celebrates the rich heritage of distilling while continually striving for excellence and innovation. Our dedication to production excellence, market expansion, and brand development is driven by our desire to share our passion for exceptional spirits with enthusiasts far and wide.


When I set out to find the ideal land on which to build our distillery, I was armed with one critical piece of advice from an old moonshiner I had met in my travels and education in Kentucky: “It starts with the water!” We needed a property that had access to the best water we could find.

The search would end with a gift from heaven (and mother nature) — a property with an artesian well. The water flows clean and pure from the Rocky Mountains, forming the perfect foundation for our spirits. We later learned that the land belonged to renowned distiller and entrepreneur Hugh Moon — a historic connection that made it all seem like fate. Hugh produced whiskey in Salt Lake City for the early Mormon pioneers in the 1850’s.

The snow melt runoff from the Rocky Mountains flows gently through the earth to our artesian water well, shedding impurities and attracting the minerals that make the unparalleled taste of our brands possible. This year’s snow is next year’s whiskey!

From Grain to glass


Utah’s distilling history runs even deeper than we knew. We learned that Utah’s spirit history goes back as far as Kentucky’s, and has iconic figures like Hugh Moon — with a story to rival even Jack Daniels.  

Hugh and his entire family were the first converts to the Mormon religion from overseas. In May 1840, the family departed Liverpool and sailed for the New York harbor, with plans to travel overland to Nauvoo. It took them nearly a year of rough travel, and on April 16, 1841, they finally arrived. 

Posted on FamilySearch is Moon’s handwritten history:
“About 14 years ago I began making Strong drink (whisky) the strong drink which the people had brought with them to Salt Lake, being all used up they began to inquire who would make a little for medical purposes, so agreeable to the commandment which says: ‘Wherefore, a commandment I give unto you that you shall not purchase wine, neither strong drink of your enemies: wherefore, you shall partake of none, except it is made new among you, yea, in this my Father’s Kingdom which shall be
built upon the earth.’ I commenced making in a small way… Peter L. McCue, Bishop of the
first ward, where I lived, and John Barnford, went to ask President Young’s consent to make up the Strong drink, he told me to go ahead and make some: but be careful not to sell it to
the young men who wanted to sport with it. So I made up all my refuce and sold it, it give good
satisfaction to all who bought it; and when done, they wanted me to make more from grain; so I procured a license from the city Council, and enlarged my factory and continued making.”

In addition to Hugh Moon, there were distillers L.W. Hardy, who shared the Salt Lake Tribune advertising campaign, and in 1861, George Baddley, a Salt Lake distiller, potter, and wine maker, in the 10th Ward.

Finally, in another of a long string of coincidental findings that point to the fact that Dented Brick® was meant to be, we found that Hugh Moon actually owned the property where Dented Brick® is now located!

It was a large farm Hugh purchased in 1856. He grew sugar cane, and likely rye and other fermentable ingredients, and had pigs to which he fed his spent grain.

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What's in the name?

Dented Brick® Distillery is named in honor of the well driller that was responsible for the amazing artesian well that is located at the distillery — the source of water for our spirits. The well driller was killed in a blazing gunfight that left impressions in the bricks of his house. Some of those “dented bricks” were incorporated into the new distillery building and gave it its name.