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Dented Brick Distillery

Our Story

A few years back a small group of “UTAH-ANS” (a.k.a. people from Utah) gathered over cocktails in their favorite watering hole and as usual they were discussing what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Funny thing is – the youngest among them just turned 40 so in reality the topic that evening was more about pursuing their career “passion” before they ever did grow up”!

As the conversation (and the drinks) continued to flow they discovered that they only had two things in common …living in Utah among the Rocky Mountains and imbibing only the finest spirits money can buy.

Sensing that these good buddies wanted to do something together, the defacto leader, Marc Christensen spoke up and proclaimed that he knew precisely what the gang should do.  “Let’s build a world class distillery in Salt Lake City…and if we never make a dime at least we’ll know one thing…we will forever drink only from the finest hand-crafted spirits from Utah.” The rest they say is ancient history.

Please enjoy Dented Brick brands responsibly and stop by for a tour and taste next time you are in Utah!

To your good health,

"It's the water, stupid!"

When Marc and gang set out to find the ideal land on which to build their distillery they were short on knowledge … long on passion and armed with just one critical piece of advise from an old- trusted friend. “It’s the water, stupid!” the friend proclaimed when giving his advice on the most important ingredient essential in making great liquor. So it would be!

The search would end with a “gift from heaven” (and mother nature)… a natural artesian water well would mark the spot where the new distillers would build their “world class distillery” what’s more… the land was once the site of Utah’s very first distillery of record and where Mormon President Brigham Young would acquire liquor (for medicinal purpose of course) for his early Mormon followers of Utah’s 1850’s.

Brigham Young

The snow melt water of the Rockies flows gently through our artesian well shedding impurities and attracting the minerals that make the pure and enriched taste of our brands possible.

The Brick House

What’s in a name?

Along with our lands Artesian well and historical distilling past, came a charming old brick home with a storied past of its own.  Legend (and newspapers) has it that during a gunfight on the front porch the flying bullets that didn’t hit (and kill) the owner did indeed “dent the bricks” of his house and there you have it.  The DENTED BRICK DISTILLERY got its name in tribute to the rich and colorful history of our land at the foot of Utah’s Rocky Mountains.  As for the dented bricks… we took them down one by one and they now form the cornerstone of our distillery.


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